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Very long work day today... just wrapping up an email to my good buddy Marc and finished with this sentence, "Thanks again for emailing Marc, I just checked on the snows for you and found another snow female layed a surprise clutch bred to a snow male :-) Thought I was going finish up the emails, take a shower and hit the bed, guess not?" Nice! ;-)     


Oh, my..... I just checked all my gravid (pregnant) female ball pythons and June is going to be a very nice laying month, I think I just may have those chubby eggs coming out of my ears by the end of next month, and that's a good thing!


Wow, working on this site all evening and searched my name in the BOI from the faunaclassifieds.  I was floored to find so many wonderful testimonals that go back many years. I am so touched by all the kind words, and would like to say thank you! You guys & gals are the best!


I recently ordered some new 5" deep rat nesting boxes from Freedom Breeder. Up to now, all my preggy rats were placed in mice tubs for birth & nursing which worked fine, but I do have to say the extra room from these deeper tubs feels much, much better. Nice job Freedom Breeder!

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