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I was contacted recently by my good friends from The Southern Nevada Herp. Society to present a Ball Python Lecture, at the end of summer. I'm really looking forward to get out into public again, maybe I'll take a few goodies to show and a nice raffle item as well, more details coming soon!


Hatchling update: My first two clutches of this season have pipped. The babies are just sitting in the eggs sucking up all the remaining nutrients before they are ready to explore. This is going to be the start of a record breaking season for me. I had to order new hatchling racks, and can't even remember the last time I got a new rack, the anticipation is so exciting! The 2013 Hatchling photo page will be up in the middle of July-ish? Cheers!


Wow, been a brutal start to my 2013 hatching season. 

I bred a double het Lavender Pied to a Pied Poss. Het Lavender: 1 Pied & 4 Hets (no Lavenders!)

Second clutch was a Lavender to Pastel Het Lavender: 3 Pastels Het Lavs &  4 Het Lavenders (no lavenders!)


Ball Pythons Wanted: If anyone looking for trades, I am in need of lesser, candy & ultramel visuals. My available animals for trade are listed in my BP Pricelist Page. Thanks :-)

Gunna hatch out a bunch of babies, Yes! :-)
Gunna have to buy a bunch of feeders, No! :-( 
Albino Tri-Stripe (bloodlines lineage)

This is one of the most exciting ball python project I have ever worked on. The albino Tri-Stripe! Bloodlines lineage, Once I get some free time, I will write an article and make a page about the history and how I developed this project :-)


Green Ghost with het daughter, I believe this is one of they key elements needed to create a blue ball. Think about it, mixing blue & yellow make green, well why not take the yellow away, what's left?


Took this shot today, I still think caramel albinos are breath-taking animals. This is an adult male Bell Line Caramel Albino.

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