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I Love getting emails like this:


The two snow girls have just arrived, you were totally right and I am very pleasantly surprised, they do look like twins(I'll have difficulty telling these two apart from one another. what absolute gorgeous  snow gems these two are(perfect examples of the gene if ever I've seen any.thanks soo much once more (I simply can't express how much these two girls mean to me and my collection)Once again Rich, you truly are the best. take care 

Extremely Best  Regards Marc"

Thank you Marc! Enjoy those beauties :-)



I love the smell of albumen in the morning!

Ever get the feeling, when your babies see you're ugly mug for the first time, and they give you that "look" of utter disappointment? 

I do...
Clutch mates meeting each other for the very first time.

A pair of clutchmates greeting each other for the first time.


Well, you can always tell when hatchling season arrives. Facebook starts blowing up with outstanding clutch shots & hatchling photos. Lots of amazing ball python creations being produced right now. Very exciting times! If you are lucky, you can also witness some nice catfights and hissyfits over this that and the other thing. Reality & drama posts are also so much fun to read! Can't wait so see who goes toe to toe this season, lol.

Freedom Breeder just had a 4th of July sale on a compact FB70 line rack for $800 shipping included. I simply had to snatch one up after a quick 2 seconds of consideration. Pretty sure I can find some females to fill it up rather quickly. I hope to upload some pick's when it arrives. All my Freedom Breeders are more than 10 years old, so this will be a nice thrill to set up a new rack once again :-)

Until next time, take care...

I was contacted recently by my good friends from The Southern Nevada Herp. Society to present a Ball Python Lecture, at the end of summer. I'm really looking forward to get out into public again, maybe I'll take a few goodies to show and a nice raffle item as well, more details coming soon!


Hatchling update: My first two clutches of this season have pipped. The babies are just sitting in the eggs sucking up all the remaining nutrients before they are ready to explore. This is going to be the start of a record breaking season for me. I had to order new hatchling racks, and can't even remember the last time I got a new rack, the anticipation is so exciting! The 2013 Hatchling photo page will be up in the middle of July-ish? Cheers!


Wow, been a brutal start to my 2013 hatching season. 

I bred a double het Lavender Pied to a Pied Poss. Het Lavender: 1 Pied & 4 Hets (no Lavenders!)

Second clutch was a Lavender to Pastel Het Lavender: 3 Pastels Het Lavs &  4 Het Lavenders (no lavenders!)

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