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TSK Snowballs
Simply amazing how much yellow is taken away in the VPI Axanthics. These are all from the same clutch. VPI Pastel Axanthic, VPI Super Pastel Axanthic, & Pastel Poss. Het Axanthic.

Here is a nice clutch. All snows! 
Awesome, yeah baby!

This is a photo of the 5" tall rat nursing Freedom Breeder tubs that I am now using for all my pregnant rats. I use to use the 3" tall mice trays, which worked fine. However I feel the extra space is much more comfortable and less stressful for the pregnant & nursing rats, resulting in better rodent production.


Recently hatched 4 eggs from a lavender albino X het lavender albino. My first two clutches of this season should have had lavender albinos (clutch records), now I know were they went! All four were lavender albino's this time :-)


Checked the rodents this morning, I am having a difficult rat season. I thought it was because of the heat, well found out a majority of my sippers were clogged and the rodents have been drinking just enough water to look fine, but not enough to reproduce. Dummy me, again!


BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Wow, lots going on here this week.  Setting up hatchlings, organizing a new compact freedom breeder rack, starting to make plans for next years breeding season.  I have also been contacted to do a couple professional snake photo shoots, and a herp society presentation!  Details of all these events will be comming soon as I get them all ironed out.  My son just called me out for a sword fight, So I'll be back soon... (that's if I live....) Peace...


Here are some fresh hatchlings:
VPI Axanthic Super Pastel,
VPI Axanthic Pastel,
Pastels :-)

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