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Hatchling season almost complete, this year was amazing! I actually ran out of space and needed to order new hatchling racks to house all my new babies. Had some huge surprises, as well as some huge disapointments. Which all turn out fine in the end, I always think about the dissapointments as something else to look forward to in the future.


Printing out fresh feed cards & prepping a few clutches of new hatchlings. I keep the clutches together until all are shed, then separate with ID cards in individual shoe boxes.


Nice pattern on this Poss. Triple Het Snow Clown!


Have to thanks my good friend Myles Mcdougal for this clutch. My goal has always been to produce a caramel pied, and I did hatch one a couple years ago, unfortunately it was a severly kinked animal that did not survive. Myles suggested adding another line of caramel to my double hets to help with kinking, which worked wonderful. These are a combination of a "Bell" caramel bred to a double het (Nerd) caramel pied . No kinks-Nice! Thanks Myles! Time for phase 2, grow up this little group and try it again :-)

TSK Snowballs
Simply amazing how much yellow is taken away in the VPI Axanthics. These are all from the same clutch. VPI Pastel Axanthic, VPI Super Pastel Axanthic, & Pastel Poss. Het Axanthic.

Here is a nice clutch. All snows! 
Awesome, yeah baby!

This is a photo of the 5" tall rat nursing Freedom Breeder tubs that I am now using for all my pregnant rats. I use to use the 3" tall mice trays, which worked fine. However I feel the extra space is much more comfortable and less stressful for the pregnant & nursing rats, resulting in better rodent production.

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