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Stay tuned, this summer all my available ball pythons will be listed by their year instead of sex and price on this site. It may take a couple of months to move them all over as they are posted the same time my kingsnake adds expire as to simplify the process. Check back often, have a great day!

Rich Macias

This is another ball python ovulation video. I explain the difference between the "looks" of an ovulating female & a non-ovulating ball python. Enjoy! More videos comming soon!


Ok, Here is my very first youtube video. It is some general information about a ball python ovulation & process. Forgive me if I didn't go into much scientific detail, but this was late night, completely unscripted. 

It's a little sketchy, but hey this is a new format for me so it should be fun! I'm always looking to learn something new. Hope you enjoy!

Let me know if you have any questions...Have a great day!

Rich Macias


Thinking about doing some ball python youtube videos...stay tuned for youtube!


Wow, Time is flying by so quickly, when I started this blog...I thought it would be updated daily aka, not Oh...Well, will try to do a better job from now on.

Here is the Latest news and idea bouncing around in my empty head:
I have decided to offer weekly sale, and call it....the..."BLOODLINES BALL BUSTERS!" 
Ha ha...I knew you would love it! Check back for more details soon!

-Rich Macias


Get in on the best prices I have every offered, all with free shipping. Check back Thankgiving....starting midnight. The 24 Hour sale page and prices are currently under construction and will be ready soon!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Rich Macias

Heads up for my regular followers. This season, I have lots of awesome surplus breeder ball pythons! So if your looking for an extra adult or two, check out my site ( on October 1st! 


You may notice I'm starting to split my males & females into different for sale pages. After loading so many listings, they all started to blur together, so this may help define exactly what I have available. This will take some time, so you may see a few females in the male spot, eventually it will be for the better. Have a great day! Rich Macias

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