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Thanks to my buddy Joe Means, this is my first unboxing video that I know of...thanks Joe!

Enjoy all!!!


Rich Macias


 Yup....she did it again!

This female albino tri-stripe is so awesome!!!


 Fall 2018 is here!!! Wow! Where in the heck did this last year go?? Been soo busy with family matters, I actually did seriously forget to breed snakes for 2018....for reals.... Well, good news is the females are ripe and plump for 2019! Even, my wevsite has been sporting 2017 prices all this year as now, site is up to date... Gotta get with the program, lots of incredible new ball python breeders online now! until next time my friends!


Rich Macias


 Laser Printers & Cardstock are the perfect match to create your custom feeding cards. 

Always, an exciting time of the year with the new additions to the collection!


 Whats a great cure for snake burnout you ask? 

A nice clutch of pearly whites I say!

This mom is a double het White Night!


 Just something about paradox stuff!!!


 Clowns are cool,

Lavenders are lovely,

So if you mix them both together are they are covely!? 

Ok, ok, dumb dork joke...don’t


Mmmmm... if you haven’t seen the MicroScale yet.... check it out...Pretty Awesome!!

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