Bloodlines by Rich Macias


90 Day Payment Plans:

90 Day Payment Plan Terms:

20% Deposit Required to reserve any ball python(s) for a 90 dat payment plan. Paypal, Checks, & Money Orders Accepted.

Buyer has 3 months to complete payment in full.

Example; If the original payment is placed on Jan. 5, the complete payment balance is due April 5. If due to unforseen events and the buyer decides against completing the purchase, or is unable to complete the payments by the due date, the seller (Rich Macias) reserves the right to offer the animals for re-sale and the buyer has 2 options to choose at the time of due date.

Option 1: 

Complete the remaining balance due before another party purchases the animal(s).

Option 2: 

All moneys and payments are permanently held and recorded by the seller and the buyer will be credited this exact amount towards any available reptile by Rich Macias in the future.

ALL PAYMENTS ARE FINAL, NO CASH REFUNDS, with one exception.  The animals held during the payment period falls ill, or passes away while in the care of Rich Macias. 100% of all payments made will be refunded.

By sending in an original payment, the buyer is agreeing and accepting the 90 day terms and conditions listed above for a 3 month payment terms listed above.

Bloodlines by Rich Macias

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