Customer Testimonials & Feedback:

Albino 100% Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python

"Hello, all is well. Arrived healthy and alive. Thank you for allowing me to purchase these awesome snakes. Very, very pleased with this transaction, over all. Again, thank you for your business."

-Ricky Cooper. (December 2015)

"Rich, Just wanted to give a follow up on the great Lav. Albino you sent me.  I gave him 7 days undisturbed in my rack and last night he immediately took a f/t mouse.  One of the easiest switches to f/t I've had.  He's actually a Christmas present for my fiancee who has been looking for a lav male to cross to her vpi pastel axanthic girl so I'm thrilled he's such a great snake."

-Ryan W. (December 2015)

"I must say, you've been very accommodating and the service is impeccable."

-Phil (October 2015)


"Hi Rich, Got the snakes. The male is beautiful! Thank you very much for everything!"

-Semen (September 2015)


"Hey Rich. They finally came in. They look great! Thank you again!!"

-Ian (August 2015)

Good morning Rich, The pied arrived just after 10am and she looks great.  I can't believe how bright she is!  Consider me a very satisfied customer.  :) Thanks again,
-Meg (May 2015)


"Just received and unboxed her. She arrived in perfect condition and is extremely beautiful. Thank you so much! Very excited to breed this girl!"

-James (April 2015)


"Rich, She just arrived, safely. Looks good.  Thanks again."
-Mike (April 2015)

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